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If you’re looking for an agency who will not only represent your brand accurately and positively, but also someone who loves the outdoors and all things interior design, Forty6Eleven, is the best fit for your needs. Nina Waters, founder of Forty6Eleven, has placed a wide variety of home decor and building material brands on national television shows, in magazines and show houses in her 16 year career, including Netflix Queer Eye, ABC Grey's Anatomy, HGTV Property Brothers, TBS Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Southern Living Magazine, among many other shows.

Forty6Eleven recently branched out to include a much-needed segment of products - adventure and extreme sports. Think products associated with cycling, surfing, skating, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, etc. 

The overall goal for Product Placement to be successful, is to seamlessly place products into a scene, for the consumer to be positively influenced, without overtly noticing the placement of the product, resulting in the consumer buying the product. ​In a nutshell.



When celebrities and hosts work with your product, audiences will in turn trust your brand more, due to the influence from those connections. 



Launching a new product? Product placement can get a new product on the map.


Product placement positions your company and product as a leader in its industry and also builds brand loyalty.


There's a positive feel-good vibe for your employees who spend their life working on a product day-in and day-out.
Adventure Sports Product Placement


Would you rather hire an agency who knows the ins-and-outs of the interior design industry and is an avid adventure sports enthusiast or would you rather hire an agency who's looking to boost its client portfolio? If you choose the first option, Forty6Eleven will be a great partnership.


Nina is an avid cyclist (both road and mountain), she snowboards, wake boards, races cars and many other thrill-seeking sports. In other words, she knows the adventure and extreme sports and interior design industries well, and will place your products with passion and enthusiasm.


Forty6Eleven will climb the highest mountain to make sure your products are placed in opportunities that are targeted to your brand's demographic with the highest impact on ROI.  

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