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Custom Cycling Kits

After three months of designing my cycling kit for Forty6Eleven, it's finally ready! I have a storefront set up on Jakroo, a custom cycling kit store. Pieces you can buy: Jersey, Bibs, Armer Warmers, Vest and Neck Gaiter. A big shout out to Roz Designs for designing my kit and being awesome to work with!

We are set up that each of you can order your own kit or pieces and receive the Team Price - 20% off each item. Shipping usually takes about 2 weeks!

Please note, there is NO way to return items that don't fit. Jakroo does offer a guaranteed sizing recommendation service and they can help you to determine the best size. I highly recommend you do this. You'll need to go to the link below and fill out the form

*Team/Club/Project Name: Forty6Eleven

*Who is your Jakroo Contact: Anthony

Jersey: TOUR


Vest: EPIC Wind Vest

Let me know if you have questions and THANK YOU for wanting and willing to sport my kit around your town!


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