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Forty6Eleven, a building materials product placement agency, adds Parcil Safety to its client roster

Parcil Safety manufactures respirator masks for many applications including home improvement, woodworking and painting

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., February 8, 2022 - Forty6Eleven, a Los Angeles-based leading home decor and building materials product placement agency, has added Parcil Safety to its home decor and building materials clients. Forty6Eleven works closely with designers, editors, production companies and set decorators to organically place all of its clients’ products on top-rated national television shows and films.

“When it comes to home renovation it’s imperative to have the correct tools and safety gear and that’s where Parcil Safety comes in,” said Nina Waters, Founder and Boss Lady of Forty6Eleven. “Parcil Safety offers full-face respirator masks to keep users nose, mouth, and eyes safe during home improvement projects.”

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Parcel Safety manufactures respirator face masks to help protect against dust particles, fumes, gases, chemicals, etc. to help prevent exposure and respiratory illnesses such as asthma and pneumonia.


  • PD-100 Full Face Respirator Gas Mask is a comprehensive solution for users seeking protection for their eyes, face, nose, mouth, and airways. Designed to safeguard the wearer during a variety of activities from home improvement to industrial occupations, the PD-100 is dependable for strong protection against organic vapors and 95 percent of particulates down to 0.3 microns. The impact-resistant face shield is scratch and stain-resistant for enhanced durability. The face shield is formed with a dual convex shape, which not only increases user comfort but also offers a wider field of view of more than 200 degrees. The shield comes in colors: Mirror, Smoke Black, Light Amber.

  • PD-101 Full Face Respirator Gas Mask comes with industry standard bayonet style filter attachment, allowing for easy interchangeability with other top filter brands, including 3M. The PD-101 provides heavy-duty protection while remaining comfortable for all-day use. The shield comes in colors: Mirror, Smoke Black, Light Amber.

  • ST-100X Full Face Respirator Gas Mask is the ideal choice for compact, lightweight storage and heavy-duty protection against environmental hazards. Designed to withstand brute force impacts and toxic environments, the ST-100X mask, and 40mm filter set will provide you the safety and protection you need to navigate unpredictable, dangerous conditions. The shield comes in colors: Mirror, Smoke Black, Light Amber.

Other Products:

  • NB-100 Tactical Full Face Gas Mask is a defense line, designed for civilians who are looking for a respiratory stronghold. Designed to offer passive protection, contamination avoidance, and mitigation from hazards, deadly chemicals, and violent assaults, the NB-100 is a useful tool for defense during dangerous events.

  • Fire Blankets are built to ensure fires are extinguished before they get out of control. Made to extinguish fires by suffocating the flame from oxygen and extinguishes fires from liquid, grease, and solid-state fuels. The fire blanket is easy to use and 100 percent mess and chemical free, unlike fire extinguishers.

  • Fire Cloaks are used to escape from small fires by wrapping the cloak around a child or adult. The hood and easy-grip edges protect the head and hands from heat and flames and keeps the cloak from slipping.

About Forty6Eleven:

Forty6Eleven is a full-service product placement firm in Los Angeles specializing in placing home decor, building material products in national home improvement television programs, in showhouses and magazines and adventure and extreme sports products in scripted television shows, motion pictures, subscription-based networks, talk shows, game shows, and music videos. With more than 16 years of experience in product placements, Forty6Eleven has a solid foundation and proven track record - securing brands in more than 1,600 episodes on 14 major networks.

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Product Placement Opportunities:

Nina Waters, Founder & Boss Lady of Forty6Eleven, (214) 384-1867


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